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When Is Intermodal Shipping Your Best Choice?

When Is Intermodal Shipping Your Best Choice?

Put simply, intermodal shipping refers to the use of two or more carriers or modes to transport goods from the shipper to the consignee using special standardized containers, such as freight trains, trucks, and ships. This allows for safer and easier container transportation. Learn more whether this option is best for your freight or not:

  • Your goods are intermediate and finished with load units of less than 25 tons.
  • Intermodal transportation may be your best choice when your shipment needs to travel a longer distance, such as if it has to move more than 300 miles by truck or longer than a day.
  • When your cargo is of intermediate value, intermodal trucking in Chicago, Illinois, is a good fit for your shipment. On the other hand, if your freight is of high value, it would need direct methods, while if it is of low value, it would need rail or ocean modes of transport.
  • Lastly, when your cargo flow needs to be continuous and in the same quantities, you need intermodal drayage in Chicago, Illinois. For instance, you may want to send multiple LTL shipments to the same destination throughout the week. In this case, intermodal would fit your shipment best.

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