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We bridge the gap between production line and home.

red truck on the road

Our Company

Emax Transportation, Inc. is an intermodal trucking in Chicago, Illinois. Incorporated in 2011, we were granted our own trucking authority in 2018. We know what it takes to keep the flow of commerce going and bring shipments where they need to be.

Our Owners

Edgar Cazares


Cazares got started in the trucking industry in 2001. He used to drive a truck making local deliveries, enjoyed the job, and eventually decided to get a Class A CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). He continued working for a local company in Chicago until grabbing an opportunity to join the office team, learning more aspects of the trucking industry.

Jose Fernando Ceciliano


He has been the top adviser of the company. While being new to the industry, he brought a new vision that helped bring the company where it is today.

Our Mission

To respond to the lack of proper customer service that ties trucker, customers, brokers, and forwarders together, we pledge our vehicles and crew to creating a reliable network of transportation.

In line with this, we uphold the following values:

  • Good customer service
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity

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