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What to Know About Pre-Pull Services

What to Know About Pre-Pull Services

As a provider of intermodal trucking in Chicago, Illinois, we recognize that the logistics industry has jargon that regular people would not necessarily understand. One of these terms is pre-pull.

But before we tell you what pre-pull is, let us give you a background first. Usually, when a container reaches a port, you are given a set number of days to get it until you start getting demurrage fees, which you can consider as a kind of late payment.

Therefore, if your shipment has multiple containers, you may have to shell out some serious cash since demurrage fees are charged per day and per container.

Now, avoiding demurrage fees may not be rocket science (all you have to do is get your containers on time). However, as any company providing container transportation services knows, unexpected things such as bad weather happen.

This is where pre-pull services come in. If you request a pre-pull, your carrier can receive your cargo at the port as scheduled and keep you from paying demurrage fees. They will then store it in their yard until you can pick it up, saving you a lot of money.

If you need pre-pull services, you can make arrangements with Emax Transportation, Inc., an experienced provider of drayage in Chicago, Illinois. Please feel free to get in touch with us today!

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