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What Drayage Is and How It Can Work for You

What Drayage Is and How It Can Work for You

As with most processes with logistics, understanding what drayage is key to understanding how you can make the most out of it.

Simply put, drayage is a service that ships goods in short distances with the use of ground freight. For instance, drayage in Chicago, Illinois is the service you would need to get freight from a rail car to a ship and vice versa.

It is also the container transportation you would require to ensure that the cold chain or the key process in the transporting of perishable and/or temperature-sensitive goods is not broken. In fact, it is the only way your freight can make it from one intermodal point to the next mode of transport.

Aside from being an essential process in intermodal trucking in Chicago, Illinois, it also actually refers to the vehicle used to collect the freight at the intermodal point and the name of the fee charged for the service.

So, what are the things to consider before hiring a drayage provider like us at Emax Transportation, Inc.? Here’s an overview:

First, you must ensure that the provider you are working with is licensed and bonded. The process following this is quite straightforward—the drayage company will take your freight in and out of ocean ports, terminals, harbors, and even warehouses, and then placed in a storage facility or another warehouse to prepare for the next step in the intermodal shipping process. All these can be done in one driver shift.

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